Packaging materials production

One of our main goals is to provide our customers with excellent barrier packaging (PA/PE). All our bags are made of film made in our company. We use a system of random quality control of the salability of our packaging. We produce transparent and printed barrier packaging, also with a euro hole and an eazy open.

Quality control

The Kaipack company builds long-term relationships both between suppliers and customers. Our goal is to provide a high quality product to our clients, and we do it in cooperation with a wide range of suppliers of resins and other production components. We place a constant emphasis on the highest standards of hygiene and HACCP. We examine our products on the site and in cooperation with authorized research labs.

The fastest delivery

Thanks to the fact that we produce our packaging in the system from the resin to the finished packaging, we can shorten the lead time and control it throughout the entire production chain. Our location, in Kościerzyna, close to the main communication arteries and seaports, allows to shorten the delivery time.