OPTIpouch packaging – pouches for vacuum packing, meat, fish meat and other food products. Our technology ensures high mechanical resistance and excellent vacuum maintenance.

Features of OPTIpouch packaging:

  • Comprehensive production from granulate to final packaging
  • Excellent printability
  • High level of oxygen barrier
  • High permeability on N2 and CO2
  • The highest mechanical resistance, including puncture and stretching
  • Fast order fulfillment.

Vacuum packaging is the best method of maintaining and extending the durability of the product

Technical parameters of the product

Material: Polyamide / polyethylene film (PA / PE)
The range of thickness: 60-220 microns


Because we produce ourselves films and packaging, we have prepared for our customers Tinted film and pouches, as standard blue, yellow, green, and brown colors. We are able to prepare any other color, considering also shade and type of color.